Our Story:

The story of how a family of 4 heard the word of God, and by faith moved to an unknown place far away. Uncertain of anything except that God would fulfill His promises, step by step, they began the work of the Lord. God blessed their steps from the beginning, and grew that small family to an amazing group of people who are filled with faith and willing to work!

By faith and through a series of miracles, they recently purchased a New York State Armory building debt free, renovated it themselves, and had their Grand Opening! They are continuing to believe God for miracles for their community and region … especially the miracle of changed lives!

As you watch, allow God to encourage you and to build your faith to believe that what He says He will do!


Who We Are:
Life Church is a community of people from different age groups, religious backgrounds, and nationalities, who are all being transformed by Jesus Christ. We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with each other, as well as with our communities!

Life was never intended to be lived alone…

Even though we know that we are all imperfect, we also know that we are loved by a perfect God who helps us to grow in Him, while we do life together.

Why We Gather:
One of the most important things we do at Life Church, is come together each week to experience the power of God’s presence. From the young to the young at heart, and from all different backgrounds, we come together to worship God as a family. We look forward to being strengthened & renewed for the week ahead, and then we’re ready to share that hope & joy with the world around us!

What You Can Expect:
You can expect to find a community of people who love Jesus, and and love each other. We might be similar or a little different than other churches that you’ve visited in the past, and that’s ok! God has created each of us uniquely, so you will see that uniqueness shine through wherever you go. The important thing to remember is that our focus is on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and our journey to follow Him & become more like Him.

Just like everyone in a family likes different things, the same is true with the LIFE family.
– Some like to get dressed up, and some like it casual. Either way is fine with us!
– Some are big families, some are small ones, some singles, some young and some young at heart. All are needed to make up the family!
– Some like fast songs, some like slow songs. So do we!
– Some like tradition, and some like contemporary. That’s the beauty of generations coming together, and we celebrate it all!

At LIFE, we value the fact that God created us to be creative, so it is our desire to worship Him with the creativity that He has blessed us with.

For this reason, during a visit to Life Church you might experience; music & song, dance, drama, mime, video & other media, or other types of artistic expression, as we worship God & share His message.

As you see God’s word in new creative ways, we hope that you will gain a new perspective and purpose, and discover the answers that you need for your life journey with Christ.

Your First Visit:
Many people describe their first visit as… being with family. We’re grateful to hear people using that example, and we hope you feel the same way!

There’s plenty of parking, and there are no stairs to enter, so the building is handicap accessible.

You’ll be greeted by our friendly hosts, and given the opportunity to find out everything you need.

Once people arrive, they like to take a few minutes to catch up with friends, & meet new ones. A countdown will begin the service, then we worship together as a church family. After church updates & a time of giving, the children (LIFE KIDS) are released to go to their class. Next, the message will be shared, with an open time of prayer & ministry for everyone who would like it.

What About Children?
We LOVE children! Children bring such life & joy to a family, and at LIFE, children are a large focus of our ministry.

If you are visiting on a Sunday morning and you have children with you, we have a special “LIFEkids” class for them to attend should you wish.

Our beautiful nursery has a live video feed of the service, should you need to step out & care for your baby.

Also, our Wed. evening 7pm service is an awesome “youth focused” service, that is open to everyone from the young, to the young art heart!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular church goer, or if your foot has never stepped through a church door – we welcome you. We hope that when it’s time to leave, your desire will be… to come back for more!