Life Groups

We Grow Better Together!
At LIFE CHURCH, we love to do life together, and Sunday mornings are just the beginning!

Because life was never meant to be lived alone…
God never intended us to be alone, instead, His plan is for us to live in family. As a matter of fact, God created us so that we could be His family! The good news is, if you have started following Jesus Christ, you have become a part of the biggest family of all time! And even though we are all imperfect, we also know that we are loved by a perfect God who helps us to grow in Him, while we do life together.
Psa 68:6 – “God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell…”

We have different ways that you can connect with others here at LIFE, & we’re always working on new ones!

Morning Prayer – Weekly
Every Monday morning at 9:30am – Everyone is invited & encouraged to pray together
at the church.
Timothy Groups – Weekly
Every Sunday morning 8:30am – Training different groups of men to be leaders in life.
Contact: Pastor Dan
Life Group/Canal Village – Weekly
Every Thursday 2pm – Bible Study in South Rome on West St.
Contact: Donna Yates
Life Group/Westdale – Weekly
Every Tues 9:30am – Bible Study for those who live towards Camden
Contact: Lois Foley
Life’s Journey – Monthly
Once a month, on a Sunday after church, this group of mostly 50+ get together
to share lunch, fellowship, & discuss their walk with God together. They also
plan different outreach projects.
Contact: Donna Yates
New Building Prep – Weekly
Every Sat 8am – 10am – ALL encouraged to come out & serve by getting our new
building ready to move into. We all have a great time working together, and
strong relationships are being formed in the process! Thank you all for sharing
in this vision that God has put in front of LIFE CHURCH!
Contact: Pastor Jonnie Nickles, Pastor Dan Sanborn
Cleaning Team – Weekly
Each week a different team comes together to tidy up the church.
Contact: Lynda Alerding
Outdoor Team – Weekly
Each week a different team comes to the church to mow the grass, and tidy up
around the outside of the building.
Contact: Pat Foley
Media Team
Website, Graphics, Social Media, etc.
Contact: Pearl Sanborn
Audio Team – As needed
Special team of audio assistants, that run all of the audio/visual elements
during our services.
Creative Team
Audio/Visual, Music, Video, Drama, Dance, Camera, video/digital, etc.