At Life Church, we value community! Why? Because family/community is the very
reason that God created us! He intended us to do life together.

For us, it’s not just about the community inside the walls of our gatherings, but we
also value the community beyond our walls!

It’s our desire to “reach further than” ourselves, to share the hope & love of Jesus,
that someone took the time to share with us!

We encourage the people @LIFE to be active in serving in any way they can, always
with the intension of sharing the love of Jesus.

The different ways to reach out to others is only limited by your imagination!

We have people who have served by…

  • Crocheting shawls for those who are elderly or shut in
  • Ministering in the prison
  • Taking food to the hungry
  • Providing diapers to needy moms
  • Holding church services for the different nursing homes of the area
  • Visiting the sick in local hospitals
  • Helping at the local mission
  • Participating in different fund raising events
  • Raising money for clean drinking water in other nations
  • Sharing the message of abstinence in local schools
  • Leading bible studies
  • Collecting clothing for the refugees in our area
  • Provided food for hungry veterans
  • Taken care of lawns for those who are unable
  • Shoveling snow from driveways
  • Created videos & other media to help a cause
  • Collected bottles & cans to help in different ways
  • Provided coats, gloves, & scarves for local school children
  • Provided filled backpacks for local children
  • Provided tents & food for homeless communities
  • Provided Christmas gifts for those in need

Just to name a few!

However you can reach beyond yourself, to help those around you with the
love of Jesus, please do so!


* Many times we might like to reach out on a larger scale, by encouraging
others to get involved  as well. If you have something you’d like for us to
consider, please let us know.

Here are a couple of outreach events that we’ve had in the past:


Rome Food Giveaway

Impacting Our Communities

Life Knight