“The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.
You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. Some of you will rebuild the
deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes.”
Isa 58:11-12

UPDATE –> Dec 7, 2015 – SO MUCH Has Gotten Done!

Since the winning bid on Dec 5, 2013, waiting months for closing day, praying for God to provide a miracle for the money needed to finish the purchase, paying in FULL with cash on closing day June 23rd, 2014, finally being able to get into the building after lots of time meeting with engineers & local officials, having our first workday on August 16th, 2014, finally getting our occupancy in Dec 2014, members of the church meeting faithfully to work for 2 hours every Saturday, others coming down to work during the week, & then also for an hour on Wed evenings … we are closer than ever to being able to move into our new space! The brand new bathrooms are nearly ready to paint, the lobby is nearly finished being painted, the new entrance doors are installed, many of the rooms are getting their light fixtures & are nearly ready for carpet! We are turning a corner in this building process! We are so thankful for the faithful people of LIFE CHURCH who have continued to work & serve in the vision, & we give all the glory to God for all He has done!

UPDATE –> May 14, 2015 – We’ve Come So Far!

We’ve all been hard a work, every Saturday & Wednesday night, transforming this building into the beautiful space that we know it was meant to be!
Vault walls have been cut out to open up the new lobby, the grinding on the floors is nearly finished, sheet rock is going up in some of the spaces, more plumbing is getting done to get water to the upstairs, admin offices are being painted, auditorium has been painted & sound panels have been installed, outside wall has been cut out for the new entrance door, trenches have been jack hammered out for the plumbing in the brand new bathrooms, and so much more!!!

UPDATE –> Nov 14, 2014 – Updates Around The Building – We’ve Been Hard at Work!

We’ve been working hard at getting the new building ready for us to move in. Lots of cleaning & scrubbing, many dumpsters filled, many gallons of paint, and many hands making the load light! We now have both heat & hot water – THANK YOU GOD!! We thank all of you who have been praying, giving, and serving to see God’s vision for us come to pass! There’s still much to be done, but we’re getting much closer!

UPDATE –>June 23, 2014 – CLOSING DAY!!!!

EXCITING DAY!!! We have been on a 6 month journey of miracles & growing our faith. And now… here we are! We finally have the keys & the building is paid in full! We are calling this phase #1, as we still have a journey in front of us. Our faith has the chance to grow again, as we believe God for the money & the resources to complete the building & serve our community in a bigger way!
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In any case, please pray with us & follow along with us!
Pastor Dan SigningPastor Dan Getting The KeysPaid In Full

UPDATE –> June 22, 2014 – The state called & wants to close on the building this week!

We still needed $35,000 to be able to buy the building totally debt free. A few days ago, an anonymous person came forward & said that God had been speaking to them, and they wanted to give $35,000 towards the purchase of the building – the amount we needed to close!!

UPDATE –> June 1st 2014 – We’re only a few weeks away from closing!

We’ve been waiting for the state to finish their paperwork for the closing of the building, and we’ve heard from the lawyer that it’s only a few weeks away! We were able to walk through so we could make this video & share the excitement with you!
Watch the video & share it with your friends!!

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UPDATE –> Dec 5, 2013 – WE WON THE BID & We’re believing for a miracle for the rest of the money needed!!!

We are so thankful to God for the many miracles that He provided, so that we could win the bid for the Armory! We are continuing to believe for favor & the money needed to pay the remaining balance when the paperwork is completed! Pray about what God would have you to give towards the vision of reaching Rome for Christ! –> Click Here to Give to The Cause!

Dec 2013
We’ve been serving Rome, NY together for 30 years now, and here we are again… taking an even bigger step of faith!

Even though we are close to the city, for the last several years we have felt the urgency to be right in the middle of the city where the people are!

For the last 3+ years we have been praying & fasting for a particular building right in the heart of the city – the Rome Armory Building.

We have asked the last 2 mayors for use of the empty space so we could better serve our community, but they already had plans for the building. Then, a few weeks ago, we found out that all of the plans had fallen through & the building was going up for auction in a a few weeks! The city is not allowing (or issuing any special use variance outside of a R1 zone) ANY use of the space other than what we would like to use it for.

Could it be? After all this time of praying, fasting, calling the state offices, mayor’s offices, and every other person we could think of to help us… that the building is now available? YES! And we believe that, even though it’s going to take a miracle, that with God – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

The auction is next week, so our time is VERY SHORT!

We need $10,000 just to bid next week! Then we will need the balance of the winning bid within 120 days. The minimum opening bid is $99,000.

In addition to a larger facility for our church, we would like to expand our current food outreach to those in need, offer bible, & creative/performing arts classes to the community, have a larger stage for performances & bringing the bible stories to life, offer summer activities & music to local children, offer the space to our community to continue events such as “The Rome Home Show”, & engage the community in serving others in any way we can.

Because the Vision is great, the need is also great. We are asking you to go ALL IN with us! We’re praying and BELIEVING God for this new building, but it’s going to take everyone serving and giving together to make it happen. We LOVE Rome! We have great VISION for Rome, and we want to serve our community to the best of our ability. We believe that this space would allow us to expand our service in a much greater capacity! Be a part of the cause of Christ with us in taking this giant step of faith. ANY amount you can give will be GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU so much for everything!

Life Church Vision

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** We also ask you to PLEASE pray with us over this next week for God to perform a miracle!

An overview of the location

Armory Location

Currently a Drill Hall – Soon to be Sanctuary & multi use space!
We’ve already used this space to serve the community in the past – click here to see the fun event!

Drill Hall

Lots of class space for the creative arts, media, training center, & the LifeKids space


Nearly 5 acres of land for all sorts of community events!

Armory Property

Here’s a close up of the space!

Armory Close Top View

Just imagine with us how this can help our community!

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